Private lesson online

You can take private lessons via the web. 

How does it work?

  1. Buy your lesson and respond to the confirmation email. Enter course size, number of tunnels and what length it is, number of jumps and any other important training factors. Also write which dog it is and if you have special wishes on what you want to train
  2. You will receive a course map and sometimes also text or video instructions to clarify certain exercises.
  3. Then you video film your training, upload the film on youtube, make the video unlisted and email the link to me.
  4. I look at it and give you feedback with comments and tips on how you can develop and improve. There will be an average of three rounds of feedback on a lesson.


*Price (incl. 6 % VAT):

  • Private lesson - 700 SEK

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Video analysis

You can get feedback on your competition runs or your training

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Weaves for competition, three-part. The poles are 32 mm in diameter and made of unbreakable mixed plastic.