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Dog Coaches and Italy

First a reminder: Now the course registration for the Summer Camps is open! 

Me and Lilli have just arrived in Sweden from a little tour in Europe! We started in Germany and continued to Italy and we had an absolutely great time! 

The first stop were in Oldenburg and a company called Dog Coaches. They have a really nice concept with online training with different coaches around the world. So they taped a two day seminar plus some other of my training and will create online training with the material. They were really proffessional, had lots of good ideas and we had really fun during the work 🙂 I’m really excited about the result! 

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It was two fun days with seminar that were taped by Dog Coaches. Some old students with new dogs…
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…and some totally new students. It was a good variety of dogs and handlers and I think the material was really good for the coming online courses produced by Dog Coaches.
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Many, many hours of taping!
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My seminar-zoo and Lilli’s toys are important stuff for the work! 😉
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Focus, focus…on what to say…



 After Germany we flew to Milano and Italy for a seminar and after that a trial at Cowboyland in Voghera, held by Magic Dog. But we started with a nice day off in Genova for a walk on the beach and a visit at Genova Aquarium, the second biggest in Europe. It was a fantastic place with hundreds of cool, amazing and interesting animals and plants from our oceans and sweet water areas. 

The seminar days were great with lots of fun dogs and people. Also here it was both new and old students and I think I improved my Italian vocabulary a bit 😉 

In the weekend after the seminar they held a trial at the same place so I and Lilli participated both days and she won two runs 🙂 I also love the opportunity to watch my students live in a real trial, that’s awesome! It was a really well organized trial with three different judges and fun courses. It was Rolf Graber from Switzerland and two Italian judges, Paolo Rebasti and Fulvio Frixione. There were lots of places where you could choose way and handling method. In one part me and my friend Carlo was timing different dogs to see what was faster. It was difficult to say and probably depending on the dogs if they were turning good etc. But when we came back to Sweden I went with Nettan to train before I drove back home and we built up the sequense again to time it with our dogs and compare the different ways. With all my dogs the shorter way was faster and with Lilli the difference was 1 second! Interesting, I love timimg and situations like that when you can choose! 

Lilli has been really spolied in both Germany and Italy and she was allowed to join us everywhere and all restaurants etc! That’s really nice 🙂 We ate a lot of good Italian food and had a fun Saturday night with dancing! Really good exercise 😉 

I made two videos from the competition with Lilli in Italy, one with good music (that can’t be seen by everyone) and one with not so good music (that should be ok in every country! 🙂

Video from the trial with Lilli (music that might not work for all countries)
Video from the trial with Lilli (music that works for all countries)