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Jenny Damm


This year we collect money for girls rights to get education, wherever in the world you live!

Come on, join the last hours of charity, at its best! We have a week before Christmas here in Sweden when our Swedish radio organize a big happening with music and charity in a great mix, I love it! It’s a brilliant idea and it feels like all people in Sweden is united and involved in this event, called Musikhjälpen. And even better, three days ago Anna Pettersson started a charity with dog people and it has been a huge success. She wrote me to ask if I wanted to give a private lesson to get people involved and donate money for Musikhjälpen. Of course I wanted! Now several instructors and other people related to dogs have joined and all that give money can be in a big lottery with great prizes. Anna started this ”dog-thing” Thursday. Now we have collected almost 20 000 SEK(!) which is more money than we ever could imagine, and this is only from dog people! It’s wonderful, it’s brilliant, it’s warming! Thank you all great people!!!

If you want to join this: click here!!

Anders Flanderz is one of my favourite moments of Musikhjälpen 2011, enjoy! I saw it live yesterday, I’m impressed!

Jason, Kodjo and Gina, Musikhjälpen 2011