Team Lotus Education

Jenny Damm

The cornerstones that build my dog ​​training are motivation, joy, clear rules, trust, patience, good attitude, humility and a good relationship. My dogs are above all my family members but also my training mates. I spend a lot of time with them outside the training and competition plan and for me, everyday life with my dogs is at least as important as training and competitions. 

I want to find the signals that dogs respond naturally to, and then use and amplify them through reward.

Dogs have, scientifically proven, developed an ability to read our body language through 1000-year domestication and cohabitation with humans. I try to work with this and start from it in all my dog ​​training, not least in agility. We spend an enormous amount of time and energy on basic training of our dogs and it is only the imagination that sets the limits for what we can teach them. 

I always try to give all my students full focus and if I do not have an immediate solution to a problem, I try to find one. I help each crew on their individual level and make sure they get the tools needed to continue working and achieve their specific goals. I push my students as much as I can and I am not satisfied with half good training results. I give everything and appreciate that my students do the same. But dog training should always be fun, so at the same time I try to bake a large portion of humor into my requirements. 


I have been training animals since childhood. Mice, hamsters, rabbits, guinea pigs, parakeets, budgies, butterfly caterpillars, wandering sticks, frogs, fish, snails, chickens, pigeons, horses, dogs… have all received their dose of training but with somewhat varying results. I love to train and spend time with animals and I am extremely fascinated by the whole animal world.


I started training dogs more seriously in 1994 when I got my first own dog, Frances who was a jack russell terrier. In 1996 I bought a border collie, which I had intended to compete in use, obedience and herding. The use and obedience training eventually took less and less time when in 1997 I found an advertisement for an agility course. It was for the very good dog trainer Irene Stjärnås and she gave me a fantastic foundation in my dog ​​training in general. The same year I also attended an instructor training for the organization IMMI. In addition to this, I have taken courses in clicker training, herding, pedagogy. I have also participated in a number of agility courses for various foreign agility trainers.


The rest of my knowledge is based on experiences from training, competitions or own courses. I have held courses around the world since 2000. I have always tried to share what I can but at the same time I have always come home with new experiences and new knowledge after each trip. I train with an open mind and constantly try to develop myself as a dog trainer, instructor and agility competitor. My brain is always on the lookout for new ideas. 


Jeanette "Nettan" Johansson

Nettan is a wizard on dog training and taking care of his confused boss, both in everyday life and at competitions. She has very important tasks in Lotus Education and is good at planning and organizing. In addition she has been an esteemed national team leader for several years.

Nettan loves foundation training and running contacts. She has many foundation courses where she train new agility stars.

When Nettan does not keep track of her boss, she manages to keep up with some course activities. She is based in Skåne, more specifically in Västra Torup and Torvalla Arena, where there is both a fantastic hall and nice outdoor courts for training. When she is not holding dog classes, she keeps kindergarten children in order.