Our sponsors


Aptus pet has several products that we use for our dogs. Above all, we use Recovery Booster and Sport X in both training and competition, to ensure that the dogs get enough energy, fluids and help with physical recovery. Both products are easy to use and incredibly appreciated by all dogs. 

In addition to these products, we use, if necessary or regularly, Gluko-flex, Attapectin, various shampoos, Derma care premium, Biorion and Sentrix. 

Aptus has efficient products with high quality and we are extremely satisfied with the Aptus range. 


Out-n-out has everything you need for your dog when it comes to blankets, beds, toys, leashes, harnesses and various training accessories! 

Dog coats from Out-n-out are developed to be easy to use, stylish and high quality and with the environment in mind throughout production. 

There are coats for all occasions and they can be combined in different ways for different weather and situations. 

The toys and beds are loved by both us and the dogs. 

Four Friends

Our dogs have been eating dog food from Lupus foder AB since 2001, and since they came out with their own brand Four Friends så har vi gett detta till alla våra hundar. 

For us, it is important that they get the best possible food to give them the conditions to perform at the top with good physique and health. 

Different dogs have different needs and Four Friends dog food has something for everyone. We are currently using Grain Free Venison and Sensi Dog High Calorie. 

In addition to dog food, Four Friends has a wide range of tasty, useful and easy to use rewards and chewing. Our dogs love Four Friends! 

Bing Agility

We think it is incredibly important to have a safe and attractive obstacles. Since we discovered Bing, we have updated our obstacle parks with contact field obstacles, jumping obstacles, walls, long jumps, tires, weaves, training slalom and number plates from there and we are more than happy with safety, quality and design. 

You can also buy some of Bing's products in the Lotus Education shop. 

Häst & Hälsa

Since 2010, we have had the best possible help to keep our dogs in top physical shape, through Sophie Ericsson at Häst & Hälsa

Sophie has a solid education in humans as well as horses and dogs. In addition, she has a special "sixth sense" when it comes to finding fault and being able to help our four-legged friends. 

We go to Sophie with our dogs mainly to maintain their everyday physique, as well as in more urgent needs such as various injuries. In the past, the well-being of our dogs is the most important thing. 

Lillö Djurklinik i Vinslöv

At Lillö Djurklinik i Vinslöv they have a fantastic swimming pool where we fitness train our dogs all year round. Especially in the winter, but also in the summer we swim the dogs in the large, lovely pool.

The dogs love this training and after swimming and showering they can lie down and relax on the vibrating bed. 


We have had the Lotushallen since 2010 Agilitymat. I discovered the mat on my courses in the US and when I got to try to practice on this mat I was sold! The dogs get a superb grip, it has good failure and cushioning, it is perfect when you want to use sweets as a reward and it is also easy to keep clean. 

We are very satisfied after these years with Agilitymat and in 2020 we also put it in our new hall.