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Happy New 2013!

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Zaa likes his New Year-drink and the whole family is ready for party!

Happy New Year everyone!

I hope 2013 will be a good year for all of you, an exciting year with success, health and happiness! For sure it will not be only good but we can all try to make it as good as possible. I'm in the middle of planning and organizing my schedule for next year. There are so many things I want to do, so many places and people I want to visit. At the same time I hate to leave my dogs… hard combination… Well, I have to find a balance for all this and in the end I hope I will be able to put all things together! :o) I have to give my friend Nettan a MANY THANKS again, without her I wouldn't be able to travel as I'm doing!

I have some decisions to make, like if I'm going to take another puppy… I'm tempted but didn't make the final decision yet. Is it the right time, the right litter…? Lilli will make her debute in both agility and sheep trials sometime during 2013! In agility it will be a new experince to handle running contacts. How consistent will it be? How do I handle different situations after the DW? I'm not sure about any results but I'm sure it's fun for me and the dog to train! I have some projects that I have started to plan and that need some time and mind work. I will continue to improve and work with my website. I will try to develop and improve my handling and my dogs skills. I'm excited to see and run our judges courses for 2013, I'm excited to see how they can develop our sport the coming year!

I'm also a little worried. Here in Sweden we have a political party, "Sverigedemokraterna" (translated into English "Sweden democrats"). The name sounds quite ok, but their ideas and political position is not. I don't care if they have some good ideas or not, the thing is that they are xenophobic and they have several people who have been active in Nazi-organizations. Their view of human beings and on how important it is to preserve a Swedish traditional society just gives such wrong message to our world and to our kids. Their policies are build on a difference-thinking which is based on culture and ethnicity. They think people from different parts of the world are so different that they can't live together. They need to be kept separated. It feels so strange that we at all have this problem in the world anymore. That some people still think like this. In Sweden this party is growing and that's what scares me and I guess it's not only in Sweden we have this problem. They have said and done so many stupid things during this year but the party is still increasining in the opinion polls. Why? I think it's important to show our position, it's important not to be quiet. I'm sharing my position now and I will continue to spread my view of human beings and my values. I usually don't write about political stuff here, but this is not about political ideas – it's about view of human beings. I hope I will inspire you with this, inspire you to think about – and to show, your values. I hope you want to help make the world a little better next year!

Let's hope for a fun 2013, let's fight for human rights and a better world. You can't do everything but everyone can do something!

See you next year!