Away to me Miss Lilli




We persuaded breeder Britt Perez to take one last litter of puppies on her Sun. She did and we are eternally grateful for that! Lilli is a dog in the millions. Her personality, intelligence, focus and talent in everything she does is incredible. She is a fantastic herding dog, agility dog and she loves tricks. Training and competing with her has been fantastic, from day one. Her outlook on life is fantastic and her cool temperament means that everything you do with this dog is a joy. 

She has been with me all over the world, and wherever she has been, she has taken everything and everyone by storm. 

She is special, our little Lilli and she is a real Globetrotter. Here are some movies that summarize her personality and start in life:

Lilli’s Life 

Lilli’s Life 2

Miss Lilli 1 år 

Miss Lilli’s American Tour 

Lilli slalom 

Lilli slalom part 2

Lilli’s RC journey 

Lilli RC – EO & BCC 2013

Lilli in Florida 2014

Lilli Italy 2014

Lilli – My Cheerleader 2014

Miss Lilli – The agility dog of the year 2014

Crufts 2015

Lilli Summer 2015 

Lilli – Norwegian open 2015

Lilli Halmstad 2016

Lilli Vårgårda 2016

Lilli the agility dog of the year 2016

Lilli Tryouts 2017

Lilli EO Italy 2017

Lilli Karlskrona 2017

Lilli Lund 2017

Lilli & Ziv Novemberrusket 2017

Lilli the agility dog of the year 2017

Lilli & Ziv – Tryouts 2018 

Lilli & Ziv – slowmotion 2018 

Crufts 2017

Lilli fick sitt namn efter min mormor Lilly. Det härstammar också från blommorna och växtfamiljen liljor. Dessutom är hon ju ganska liten, så det passar även bra på så vis.