Finnbogårdens Zaa




Zaa got its name for a number of reasons. Here is a list of all the good things named Zaa:

  • I wanted a short name
  • It has to do with the great the plant family Bignoniaceae, with very beautiful trumpet flowers!
  • Za- is a Greek intensive prefix and means much!!
  • ZA is an abbreviation of South Africa, admittedly in Dutch but I love Africa anyway!
  • ZAA is an acronym for Zone of Advanced Achievment (not bad..!)
  • It is cool ;o)

Zaa is incredibly charming and willing to work. It is a fun little dog to train and he has all the qualities I want in a dog. In addition, he is the most cozy in the world. But unfortunately he became lame and was diagnosed with OCD during his first year. He underwent surgery but the first operation failed and after that two more attempts were made plus all possible rehab. Despite this, the injury did not want to heal and unfortunately Zaa became a sick pensioner even before he became a competitor. It was an incredibly difficult time with many tears and a lot of anxiety that my beloved dog was never allowed to be my new competition and training companion in the way I had hoped. But Zaa constantly gilds my everyday life and he has a very special place in my heart. I train him in small doses at low altitude and he can do pretty much everything my other dogs can. He loves it and I enjoy training him! ❤️

Zaa slalom 1 – 2010

Zaa slalom 2 – 2010

Zaa slalom 3 – 2010 

Lisa is running Lotuscupen with Zaa etc