Kvarkin Krug Ogin




Kvarkin is Ogin's kennel name and Krug comes from a famous Champagne. Ogin is an Indian name and means wild rose. I love flowers and especially fitting I think wild rose was given his odd color. In addition, there is something magical about Indians and their culture and I admire their view of life and relationship to nature in many ways. Ogin was a beautiful, social dog with a big heart, joy of life, energy and willingness to work. Ogin was easy to learn, resourceful and fun to train. He loved tricks and was probably the one of my dogs who knew the most. 

Ogin 2008

Ogin Xmas video 2008

Ogin agility 2009

Ogin Tryouts 2011 

Nordseeturnieren 2011

Ogin Vårgårda 2013

Ogin & Lilli – Tryouts 2016