A triangular saddlebag with two sides that you fill with sand. The tunnel holder is divisible with Velcro on top. The zipper and the soft handles to wear sit on the inside to protect from rain and to minimize the risk of any dog ​​getting stuck. There are two rubber strips on the inside of the part that lies over the tunnel, to prevent the JENNY bag from sliding on the tunnel.
JENNY artificial grass bag: There is a custom variant for artificial grass. This JENNY bag is designed with extra rubber strips at the bottom, to reduce the risk of the bag slipping on the surface.

Weight: I recommend 14-16kg of sand on each side, and that you put the sand in an inner bag to avoid sand getting into the zipper.

Amount: To keep the tunnel in place, I recommend minimum a JENNY bag per meter of tunnel. Preferably a few extra bags in each tunnel during competition or when training with large, fast dogs.

Colors: white, black, yellow, orange, red, blue, green, purple and pink.

Prislista (dessa priser gäller januari ut)

* Prices valid from 20210301
 (incl. 25% VAT):

  • JENNY bag standard – SEK 400
  • JENNY bag for artificial grass - SEK 455

A JENNY bag is two sandbags fastened together with Velcro.

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