JENNY tunnel

The material is non-slip, all the way around. And conditions such as weather, temperature or surface do not affect the function. I have tested it in rain and sun, during hot and cold days and on grass and indoor surfaces. The material retains its soft, non-slip structure regardless of external factors. Different breeds have tried it and all sizes of dogs, the tunnels always give the dogs the best possible grip. 

The tunnel is made of completely non-slip PVC and it has metal rings at 150mm intervals. The tunnel is stable, durable and at the same time easy to use. 

A tip is to order one color for each length, to make it easier to see which tunnel it is.

Lengths: 1m, 3m, 4m, 5m, 6m. 

Base colors: white with gray inside, yellow, dark blue, light blue, red, purple and pink.

Ring colors: white, black, yellow, orange, red, dark blue, light blue green, purple and pink.

Inspirational video – 1m tunnels

Prislista (dessa priser gäller januari ut)

* Prices valid from.o.m. 20210301 (incl. 25% VAT):

  • 1m 1590kr (1272 exkl VAT)
  • 3m 2580kr (2064 exkl VAT)
  • 4m 3070kr (2456 exkl VAT)
  • 5m 3550kr (2840 exkl VAT)
  • 6m 4180kr (3344 exkl VAT)


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