Number sets

Here you have the perfect number plate! It is stylish, stable, smart, practical, clear and perfect in size. On the front there is a large and clear number and on the back there is a small number in the corner, so that you can also find numbers such as. stands on the back of an obstacle.

The number plates are made of UV-resistant PVC.

  •  The number plates are made of UV-resistant PVC.
  • They are sold in sets of 1-30, 1-40 or 1-50, but it is also possible to specially order more or other number sets.
  • Måtten på nummerskylten är 10,5×12,5 cm 

Prislista (dessa priser gäller januari ut)

* Prices valid from 20210301 (incl. 25% VAT):

  • 1-30, SEK 890 incl. VAT 
  • 1-40, SEK 1230 incl. VAT
  • 1-50, 1540kr incl. VAT


Shipping costs are added for other delivery methods than pick-up / delivery at competition

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