Zig-zag weaves

Zigzag slalom for teaching slalom 

A flexible training slalom where each part is articulated and separate and can be easily fixed so that the distance stays where you want it. Withstands standing outside. It can also be used as a regular straight slalom or for the 2 × 2 method.

The poles are 32 mm in diameter and made of unbreakable mixed plastic. The base is made of 4mm steel with a stainless steel coating.


* Pris gällande fr.o.m. 20220101 (incl. 25% VAT): 

  • Zigzag-slalom – 3200kr


En fraktkostnad på 525kr tillkommer alltid. Oavsett om zigzag-slalom hämtas i Lotushallen eller skickas direkt till dig, så är fraktavgiften densamma för varje slalom. 

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