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Jenny Damm

Swedish qualifications – too exciting, too amazing!

This weekend we had the Swedish qualifications. We were in perfect shape and then we were not in perfect shape anymore. About two weeks before the qualifications, lots of different problems occurred….
I had to deal with all but preparations for the big and important event.
But the weekend came and Mailiz, Azta and I was in ok shape. I pulled Ziv due to paw issues.
And for the first time, my little niece, Lisa participated with her young cocker, My ❤️

It was just three too exciting days… ???? But after all both Lisa and I qualified to represent Sweden at AWC, EO and Nordic Championship!! ???????
It will be such an exciting adventure to share with my sweet niece ❤️?
Thank you Nettan, her family and my family ?❤️ You know you are the best ❤️