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Jenny Damm

Miss Lilli – The Swedish Agility Dog of 2016

Photo: Joakim Persson

From my blog, you can watch the video on iphone, ipad etc! 

For the third time Lilli got the title ”The Swedish Agility dog of the Year”, this after 3,5 years of competing! Lilli is such a clever, silly, fun and talented dog – a very special girl! 

She also won the Swedish qualifications, qualified for Crufts, won the Swedish championship, won Gåsahoppet final and got one silver and one bronze medal at European open. A pretty good year for us 😀

In this video I have made a mix of some different runs from 2016. And as I haven’t posted that many videos this year, I made a loooong one now instead. So, go and get a big cup of coffee and enjoy 😉 😛 

Thank you Lupus Foder AB Häst & Hälsa Smådjurshälsan i Vinslöv Aptus Sverige Inov-8 Sverige Lotushallen for supporting us during the year! And thank you Britt Perez for breeding fantastic dogs! Last but not least, thousand of thanks for a great teamwork Jeanette Johansson 

Jenny & Lilli – Mixed runs from 2016

Photo: Joakim Persson