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New videos of Lilli and Ziv

Finally, here are the videos from Crufts and from our latest trial in Sweden! You can also watch the videos on smartphones, ipads etc. from my blog. 

Crufts was amazing as always. It’s such a show with an awesome atmosphere and organisation. Lilli was doing great, three good runs with those short legs on courses with super long distance between the obstacles. There were small misunderstandings here and there and one bad choice from me, but I I was generally really happy about our performance after not been running Lilli since November. 

Crufts 2017


The second video is from Gåsahoppet, the most exciting Swedish trial of the year. The organizers are amazing, the place fantastic and the judges are designing so fun courses for us to run. I just love it and I enjoy every second of this event. This year it was a bit extra exciting, Ziv was entered to the open classes! My sweet and very special little girl, running those big classes and tricky courses… I appreciate that I can run her at all and I didn’t have any expectations, we have so much left to train and I just felt we needed some trail experience. But she did really good and she qualified for the final, far more than what I expected! I was so happy and really proud of her. Ziv has been to two official trials and she is now qualified for jumping 2 and she needs two more results in agility. Very exciting to start a new dog!


Lilli was amazing at Gåsahoppet, as always. I enjoy to run that dog so much. That little dog never ceases to amazes me <3 She’s a genius, a genius with humor. A perfect combination. 

Gåsahoppet 2017


Me and the dogs have just been to Bornholm for seminars, the Danish Island south of Sweden. It’s always a pleasure to be there and in the care of Vivian and Sören. Their home, the hall, the surroundings, or walks, Sörens food… I love it all. I post some pictures from our days at Bornholm as well. 

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Bornholm cliffs
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Bornholm – Beach fun before seminars!


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Primula veris
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One of Sörens fantastic STARTERS
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Bornholm sunrise on the morning walk