SM individuellt guld 2021 - Azta

Finally time for Downforce AZTA’S golden post! 😍🏆🌟🇸🇪🐾🌪
It has been a busy and turbulent time since the Swedish championship, with both feelings and activities and I am now trying to catch up with everything. Feelings, computer and other things around.
The fact that I actually won gold with both Lilli and Azta is kind of too much to take in. First it was unrealistic to win a fifth time with the little record maker Miss Lilli, at the age of 10. And it was even more unrealistic to win two days in a row and the second time, with the little whirlwind Azta 🌪.
The first achievement with Azta was definitely the first qualification course, that we got through with ”only” one dropped bar. It was not really an ”Azta-course” and I think I have never spent more energy in my life, to get through a course. I have no idea how I could keep track on Azta, where to go and all the obstacles around at the same time, because she was everything but on track from #8 to the end 🤪🙈🌪 But we made it and I was really pleased with that and super happy that we actually qualified for the final with that, more or less, chaotic run.
The final course, designed by Jocke Tangfelt, was a fast, fun and challenging course that felt like a good one for Azta and I was really excited to run her on it. Jocke never disappoints when it comes to course design, neither competitors nor audience. He always combine speed and technique with a nice flow for the dog, if the dog stays on the line and have the right skills.
At first I was pretty nervous, but quite soon I could leave the ”bad” nervousness out and I kept the excitement and focus. Running Lilli and Azta is very different. If I try to do a comparison, I could explain it like this: Running Lilli is like being an experienced driver, driving a fast little go-cart 🏎. Running Azta is more like going for a ride in a fast, loud and a bit scary roller-coaster, with a lot of surprises on the way. The roller-coaster is going, extremely fast, but you can not really steer or control it, so it’s just to enjoy the ride 🎢😝
We had some parts of the course, where we were thinking about different handling options and I couldn’t really decide what I thought would be the best option for Azta. All the way to the start line I was wondering which option I should choose… and in the last second I decided to simply go for the most aggressive option, and it seemed like it was the correct decision 😁. When I placed Azta on the start line I felt had my brain in the correct mood. I knew I would be pleased with my effort, no matter the results, if I just did everything like we had planned and If I was just running fast enough and I trusted Aztas skills. If I do this, I know the rest is up to the dog and the moment. And sometimes you are lucky enough that your focus and the dogs achievement are just perfect in the same run. Luckily this was one of those runs 😁 🍀❤️
So, Azta and I ended up with a clean course and the best time and we became the Gold medalists of the Swedish XL Agility Championship 2021! 🥳 Lilli is a quite experienced winner and she loves the victory laps. Azta is not as experienced and she didn’t really understand what kind of game we played, running around like crazy with the flag and the toy together with the other medalists on the course 🥳😄🤪🇸🇪.
I am sure running with Azta will continue to offer many surprises. Sometimes I will manage to handle them and sometimes not. But it will always be fun ❤️🤯🥳🌪😄🤪🎢
Big congratulations to all winners in the XL category. It was so many of our friends and students this time and that makes it even more fun of course!! ❤️
Thank you again Nettan ( Jeanette Johansson) for everything! I am so happy that you have patience for both Azta and me, even when we are in our worst storm wind-mood 🌪🤯😄 You know how to deal with us 😍
Thank you organisers for such an amazing event 🇸🇪🌟 It was a pleasure to take part in Agility-SM 2021 at Fredrikskans IP and spend time in Kalmar city. We would love to come back soon! ❤️🤗
Thank you all sponsors, for helping us to keep our pack in the best conditions! ❤️ Fourfriends Sverige Aptus Sverige Häst & Hälsa Out-n-out Sweden Lillö Djurklinik i Vinslöv Bing.Agility Jenny Damm Lotus Education
Thank you Britt Perez and Sandra Scholvin & Richard Scholvin Fd Isoluoma for our golden girls! ❤️🌟❤️🌟
Thank you EVERYONE who supported us during this event. It means so much ❤️🙏