SM guld individuellt 2016

SWEDISH CHAMPIONS 2016!! 😃 The championship is over and it was a really exciting weekend in all categories. We watched all team and individual finals and they were really thrilling and a good warm up for my own final run. Lilli and I won the jumpers run on Saturday. I got a little nervous though, in the opening of the jumpers run, when Lilli slipped and rolled around in one tunnel. But she managed to come back on track quickly again, so did my head ☺
I was really pleased to win the first run, cause then Lilli and I was the last team out in the final and I love that position! Emma and Saeta (Nettans student and sister in law) ran just before me and they did a great run, which gave me pressure and inspiration at the same time. I was a bit unfocused in the opening and made a FX where I had planned a BX… After that, I gather myself together and continued according to plan. My silly little teammate was as awesome as she always is and ran like a star. Always focused, always trying harder than what you can ever ask for. We gave everything and crossed the finish line with the best time and no faults – which gave us the title Swedish Champions of 2016! Fantastic feeling ❤
Big congrats to all my students, friends and other people, who achieved medals and good runs and a special congrats to Emma and Saeta for the silver medal in large. A big Thanks to the fantastic organizers, what an event! Thank you all judges! Of course also hugs and thanks to Nettan, Lilli’s owner, my friend and coach. Then, around our team we have super important people, helping us to keep our dogs in perfect shape, so THANK YOU Lupus Foder AB (Four Friends), Monika Höglund at Smådjurshälsan i Vinslöv, Aptus Sverige that provides us with the best supplements Pro Sport and SportX and our dog physiotherapist, Sophie Ericson at Häst & Hälsa. Last but not least, thank you all supporters who are cheering for us and thank you Britt Perez for breeding world class dogs!