SM guld individuellt 2017

Better to post late than never… 😉 Last weekend we had our Swedish national Championship, in Östersund, 15 hours by car north from my place and it was just an awesome trip in every way!
Both Lilli and Ogin qualified for the final and Lilli won all her three runs, both qualifying runs and the final. What can I say… we have such a fantastic little dog. She is special, that’s for sure! She has actually been winning the last five individual runs in our national championship and this is our second individual Gold medal, for the second year in a row! I’m happy, I’m proud, I feel humble and grateful to have the chance to run with this dog, and I’m so impressed by little smart, strong, silly, quick Lilli!
It was a really happy team that drove back home Sunday night and the long drive was as easy as on the way up 😃 Videos of our runs will come, sooner or later….!
Thank you Mette, Ulrika, Cathrin and Roger for great, fun and positive company the whole weekend! 😃 Thank you Nettan (Jeanette Johansson) for all your help on the side and for letting me run your fantastic dog. Thank you Sophie Ericson for taking such good care of our dogs. Thank you #lupusfoder and #fourfriends for the best dog food. Thank you #aptussverige for the best supplements for dogs. Thank you Monika Höglund at #Smådjurshälsanivinslöv that has the best swimming pool for dogs. Thank you Anna Käll for the best dog coats that Lilli used to keep her warm in the rain at the final day. Thank you #inov8 for the best shoes for slippery grounds.
Thank you all volunteers and organisers that arranged the Swedish agility championship 2017!
Photo: Martin Rimby and Joakim Persson – Thank you guys for awesome photos!