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Jenny Damm

Running home…

…from the restaurant! Yes, me and Anu actually did run from door to door. 2,5 kms in the snow. And it was not because we didn't pay the bill ;o) but because we were so inspired by the physics coach of Top Team, Jerry ;o). It was a bit strange jogging through the city with jeans, meeting all people dressed for dinners and party. Well, it was a fun and nice but different end of the day!

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It has been an intense but good day. In some ways, different from when I have regular courses. There are many more participants and the focus is not primarily on teaching handling but more on making the dog and handler confident in their own skills. Some things are of course corrected in and proposed for the handler but my mission for this camp is to help the people to make the right choice for the shortest/fastest way and choosing the right technique in different situations. It's interesting to take time for so many dogs and compare and learn what is the faster for each dog in each situation. A lot of things to think of and not always easy, but really, really interesting! It's also harder for me in the way that I need to concentrate both on taking the right time, look at the handlers technique and how the dog reacts.

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We are three agility coaches, one physics coach and one mental trainer so the day is full of activities for each participant. I have had four groups today and I look forward to meet five new groups tomorrow. 

After the training I'm going directly back to Sweden and I'm not looking forward to the flight, at all. On the way from Copenhagen to Helsinki we had a snow storm so the landing was not pleasant at all. Nowdays I hate to fly and yesterday it was worse than usual. When I sit there, I try to convince myself that it's safer to fly than to drive. It works so, so good… I need to focus on mental training and pick the strong parts of the brain. The power of mind is great. I survived ;o)