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Jenny Damm

Summer camp 2012!

I hope you all have had a nice start of the new year!

I have no competitions until February and I didn’t train that much agility during the Christmas. I think I’m motivated to start again this week :o)

The seminar with Olga is so popular that I’m now trying to organize one more day to be able to offer a spot to all people who entered. I’m really happy so many people are interested and I think we all, inclusive Olga, are excited!

This week all classes starts here again and I’m looking forward to teach and meet old and new students. Next Monday I will go to Japan for new seminars and I’m very excited about it!

My online training is working really well and I think it’s a good tool for both me and my students. The reasons vary, some people use it between classes and others use it because they live too far.

Now I have updated the course-site with two summer camps! I organize two camps together with Zeljko Gora and it’s the third summer we have this camps. It will be one group for handling and one for foundation on each camp.