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Jenny Damm

Training Tamas Traj-course with Zonia, Azta & Ziv

We are trying to stick to the plans as much as possible and prepare for next weekend’s qualifications. I went down to Torvalla arena to train a Tamás Tráj course together with Nettan. Besides the fact that I couldn’t run full speed and Mailiz couldn’t run at all because of her injured pad, we had a great day! Really fun course from Tamas, and our dogs were amazing ???. I may be a little biased, but everyone was so good. And it’s so fun that they have such different personalities ?❤️ This day gave me lots of positive energy and a little more pain in the groin … ❤️?? Next weekend I will be faster and stronger and I hope that Mailiz’s pad is healed then, so that she can also join in and enjoy fun courses and a lot of excitement ?