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Jenny Damm

Welcome to my new website!

I have now a new website and blog that will be updated regulraly. I'm really inspired and I hope you all will have a nice time when you visit my side! My blog will be written in both English and Swedish, depending on my mode wink You will find a webshop for the things I sell, photo albums, video album, information about my training, dogs, seminars and camps, news on the home page and alot more! Have fun and enjoy while surfing around on my website. Welcome back smiley

To start I post two videos I made from the last competitions of this year. Really fun courses with different challenges and lot's of running, me like cheeky I use to think about our judges. How happy I am that they have the inspiration to create new courses for us to train and that they have the energy and will to stand there weekend after weekend to judge us. Our judges are actually the leading in the development of our sport, they have the power to push us to learn and teach our dogs new things. I have some favourite judges that always surprises and challanges the competitiors but I think I love them all for their effort. I want to give all judges a great tribute and hope to see you next year!

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