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Jenny Damm

A nice run


Photo: Fredrik Selander

What is the motivation for all us agility-nerds? To stand on the top of the podium at the WC? I think that can be a kind of a goal for many handlers but I don't think that's the real motivation. And for many people it's just not even possible for whatever reason. So, can it be some other results, Q:s for finals and titles..? I hope no one has the results as the real motivation because I think that can be destructive and for me it would be scary and boring. For me good results are nice but that's not my motivation at all. My motivation is to see the glow in my dogs eyes, feel the energy and happiness and get the total understanding between me and my dog – the perfect flow in the highest possible speed. It's not always easy but now and then you just get that perfect feeling, that perfect flow and understanding. And that's my motivation, what can be better?! I think that's why we travel the world around, mile after mile and spend all our money for those seconds on the course. 

I made a video from one of Ina's runs, when I had that special, perfect feeling. I made it some months ago, but I just finished it when I got the phone call that Gemma died, so my motivation to share the video was not the best at that time. Finally I can feel happy again about the run when I watch it. I still miss Gemma so badly and that will never change. But as time goes I can appreciate things that is connected with her and not only cry, even though it's difficult and it still hurts for every time I think bout her. This video is forever connected with Gemma and that terrible day she went away from us. But for me it's also filled with love, hope and gratitude for life, my dogs and the years we got with Gemma.