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Jenny Damm

Course analysis (and a little bit of Ziv)

Last weekend I ran a course with a quite interesting start sequense. Many handlers failed with number 3. It was so many options and choices so I decided to build the start at home and analyze the handling and which way was the faster. I could see now when I look at the vdeo it’s not exactly like the course on the trial, but I think the point is the same. 

Most people chose to turn the dog to the right over 3, to get a better approach to the double and sew-saw. So did I. I was thinking of turning the dog to the left but I thought it would be hard for the dog with the double jump. I was wrong. Even though number 4 was a double it seemed to be the absolutely best and easiest choice for both dog and handler! But, I did see some handlers turning the dogs to the left and the ones I saw were landing extended from #3 and because of that got wide 3-4. Then I don’t think it’s faster anymore :). 

In the video I’m first running with Ina and then Lilli. I’m first trying different choices to the left over number 3 and then to the right, same order with both dogs. In reality jump number 5 was the sew-saw. 

A rough drawing of the course and the times for the different tries. 
I tried different ways and handling in a start sequense, with Ina and Lilli. Always interesting with timing! 


Discovering the woods!
This is also a way to sleep 😉


Maybe not the best pic, but I was laughing this morning. Lilli didn’t come to say good morning, that’s unusual. I called her and was looking everywhere. She was gone! My God, did I forget her outside yesterday night, why doesen’t she come when I call? Is she ded…?! Where is she?
The puppy started to cry in her crate, I went there to take her out and to keep looking for Lilli..! Haha, and there I found her 😉 She was apparently already in the crate when I put Ziv there to sleep. And I didn’t have my contacts in my eyes at that point, so I didn’t see Lilli. But none of them complained at all, so the crate seems to be large enough for two dogs… 😉 (and lots of toys!)
It’s quite tiring to play like crazy and collect ”toys”. Also for a little Ziv-pup… 😉