Away to me Mailiz




Mailiz is a talented, small, happy, playful and playful dog who does everything to be at ease and do the right thing. She is a joy to train in both agility, herding, tricks or whatever you come up with. She loves to train and she always has the focus in the right place.

Lilli, Ziv and Azta are all named after Nettan and my grandmothers, Lilly, Siv and Asta (all with slightly changed spelling). So my grandmother was missing in the dog pack, her name wasInger-Britt and it may not have been the best dog name… But her sister's name was Maj-Lis, which we liked much better. Even with that spelling, it's good. May is the flower month in Swedish, and since I like flowers a lot, it's great. But if we spell it Mai-liz instead, it's even better. I found that "Mai" has many cool meanings in different languages:

Mai- Japanese - dance
Mai- Vietnamese - cherry blossom
May - Chinese - sea, elegance
Mai- indian - coyote

And for "Liz" I found this:
“A liz is someone who is beautiful, talented and almost always really smart. Sometimes they can be stubborn and persistently try to prove their point but with always good reasoning. A liz is often accurate and competitive.
They are defined as knowledgeable, they are athletic, fantastic and outgoing people. Just like my little Mailiz. 

Mailiz & Zoniea foundations April 2020

2020 Mailiz & Ogin training – July 2020