Downforce Azta




Azta is our little dizzying weather on the agility field. In everyday life she is completely cool and relaxed, so we usually describe her personality as "The Bull Ferdinand". If you compare what it's like to run with Lilli and Azta, Lilli is a fast and easy to control small go-cart, which I have full control over. Azta, on the other hand, is like a breathtaking roller coaster, type "Kanonen" on Liseberg. It's incredibly fast and you just have to hold on and keep up. She is fast as the wind and it is always very fun to train and compete with Azta.

Azta is named after Nettan's grandmother and it is derived from the Greek word for 'star'. It also means 'divine strength'. 

Azta grade 1

Azta & Ziv – UKI trail Florida 2019 

Azta – snabbaste tid på EO – hopp individuell

Azta RC exits 2020

Azta RC & discriminations 2020

Azta training 2021