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Jenny Damm

Finland Top Team – Meeting 3

Back in Sweden again, after the third Top Team training in Mumin-winter-land. We have almost no snow at home and we had some nice 5-10 degrees before I left. I forgot both winter boots and pants and when I arrived in Finland and realised it was still winter there. Lots of snow and really cold! Good timing. Well, the hall in Helsinki was warmer than the other halls we have been training in, so I survived. 

In my opinion this was the best of the three Top Team camps we have had so far, even if I really have enjoyed all of them. And I had so much fun teaching and I was so pleased with all teams improvements. It's a hard but good program for the participants with physical, mental and technical agility training, mixed with some fun night activities. But even the groups I had late Sunday night performed really well on the course. I had a long course with some layering parts and mixed situations from the previous camps and many handlers were a bit worried on the course walk. But they all did so well and it was fun to see that most of the handlers were surprised about their dogs skills. 

We also had time for individual development dialogues and it was nice and interesting to get some time to talk to the handlers and hear about their thoughts and goals. I also tried to guide them with my ideas and I told about what I thought about their progress from our first meeting. 

A little bonus for me was when I came back to my hotel room Saturday night and the Swedish Eurovision final was on TV! I thought I had missed it and that they didn't send it in Finland but they did and with the time difference I could watch the last hour! I love this song contest, even if the winner wasn't the one I hoped for. Robin's song was totally ok, but Ralf was better! :o) 

Finally, for the third time, I was in time for the train that left 10 minutes after we arrived at the airport in Denmark! What can I say… Fast, faster, Jenny… ;o)

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Finnish agility arena in finnish colours :o)

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Concentrated handlers study the course map on cours walk

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Excited jack russel! Quite many terriers in Finnish Top Team. I love them all!

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Elvis daughter Jedi is ready for the course! I'm so proud of both Jedi and One, Elvis' Finnish pups – both of them training in Top Team!

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Saturday night activities – some fun improvisation exercises! We had lots of fun. Here the team should create different letters. Can you guess what this letter is..? 

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Creative creations and many laughs!

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This is how they looked like when they had run my course, Sunday night, after two days of agility training with Juha and Jari, physics with Jerry, mental training with Vappu and fun night activities..! ;o)

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Anna, the Top Team head organizer, ready to pay our food with money from her fancy paper bag ;o) We had some time between the camp and my flight so we went to a nice Mexican resturant, and ate too much ;o).