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Jenny Damm

Lilli’s debut

Two moths ago we got the idea to maybe enter Lilli to the open classes during a big three days easter competition. We were thinking a bit and then we decided to enter her and see how she was doing with everything closer to the trial. One and a half month ago we started to train weaves and a few weeks ago we started to train the sew-saw, so we were not sure at all if we were going to start her. But the training was going really well and Lilli improved all the time. The last week I had her at home training some courses and a bit higher jumps and I decided that ok, let's try the open classes :o)

I was nervous and exited at the same time. The limit between training and the first competition is actually a bit scary. It's suddenly time to see if the dog really can all the things we have been training… start-line, contacts, weaves, tyre, commands, turns, drive… The environment is new, the obstacles different and the footing different… and for me it was a big difference because it was the first time on the course walk planning for running contacts…! ;o) I had some problems making my decisions but finally I had a plan and we were ready for our start! We entered the course and off we run, she was just amazing to run with. So fun, focused and she did everything with such a passion and dedication! Both the dog-walk and A-frame were nice, which was the the biggest win for me :o) I'm really looking forward to the next trial with her.

Here's the video from the two first trial-runs in Lilli's life, enjoy:

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