Bild av Jenny Damm

Jenny Damm

Miss Lilli on course!

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Today we have been to a competition in Kalmar, a city on the Swedish east coast. This was my first outdoor competition for this year and it was just great to run on grass, in the sunshine again! Finally the spring has arrived, today! On Friday I had a seminar day here on Öland. We had cold rain all day, I was totally wet in to my under pants and I was freezing… :o/ Yesterday no rain but f-n cold and windy!! And today: SUN!!! :o)) I just love it, love it!!!!!!

Well, even though we were really unorganized (arrived late, had forgot all our crates, food etc…) this day we got pretty good results in the end. But we had forgot the video camera at home and our cell phones ran out of memory… so only one run recorded from Lilli. Here it is!

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Waiting for her turn… We were training some sheep herding this weekend. Lilli is really nice to work with! I hope she will be a certified sheepdog sooner or later this year :o)

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Spring is here!

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On Saturday we were doing some birdwatching and looked at some other things like this, "Karlevistenen". It's an old runstone, about 1000 years old!