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Satisfied sister and brother, Janis Joplin & Ogin, at the competition in Karlshamn.

Yea, finally a competition again! I have not competed since november and it feels like a looong time ago. I only had one dog to run with, which was a bit strange. We were at the dog physiotherapist the week before, with all dogs, and she said Elvis and Ina were both a little stiff in their back. So they got some treatment and rested with nice walks over the weekend. The week before Elvis almost gave his life when he was trying to get the sheep out from the cows field (note: highland cattle big BIG horns!) and Ina slipped when she made a rough start on the icy ground. So, only my golden boy left to run with but we we both really excited and we had a fun day!

We started with the agility course, designed by Magne Alden. It was a fun course, "easy" if you ran and kept up the pace and fluency but you got in trouble as soon as you stopped or hesitated. I was thinking a lot about the start and which side of #3 I should take Ogin. In the end I decided to take him around the left wing because I thought it would be faster for him to run straight and get speed from 1-3. BUT, if I had thought a little longer and followed my own three points (lenght, best way to and best way after the jump) about how to make a choice, I would have concluded that the other way was faster. I totally forgot about my three guide points, shit happens…

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I don't remember that the jumps #1-#3 were placed exactly like in the course map, but if it was – I made an even bigger mistake… ;o)

Yesterday Nettan was here. We build a similar start situation and we measured the time on which side of #3 was the fastest. First I ran with Ogin and then I also tried with Lilli. They had almost the same results when it came to time and it was easy to decide which path was fastest. Ogin got 1st place on the agility course anyway, so it didn't really matter THIS time. But next time I will follow my three guide points and try to make a decision based on them! I made a video with an analysis about the opening sequence and some other mistakes in the course. 

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