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Slalom – what is the best method?

Finally. Yesterday we started Lilli's weave training! I like to wait pretty long with slalom because I want my dog to be fully mature in the body and have a good idea about operant teaching. Maybe I don't use to wait this long, but we are not in a hurry and our focus have been on handling and running contacts. I ordered a channel weave set that I wanted to try, together with the wires I usually have. The channel set came yesterday and I started to train immediately! 

I have been training weaves in so many ways and with so many methods and I don't think the method is the most important in the end but that you really make sure you improve your training and let the dog try, think and get jackpots when it's doing a good try! Don't help the dog too much – let him think! Lotus was training weaves with cookies in my hand, so did my jack russel Frances, my mum's jrt Olivia did channel-method, Elvis watched Lotus, Ina was teached with a leash, Ogin did a mix with clicker and wires, Zaa trained with wires, most of my students use wires and now finally Lilli will train with a combination between channel and wires. In my opinion, all my dogs have and have had good weaves, so as I said I think the method doesn't matter that much. But I like when things are simple, fun and easy and for me wires are such a brilliant method! Whatever metod you use, remember to love it and to be involved in the reward. Let the dog try, don't be afraid of mistakes and never put any bad energy in to the training. Have fun!

I videotaped yesterdays training session with my cellphone. It was not planned to either train or film and I was alone so it is what it is. A friend came in the end so I was helped filming the last attempt, thanks Ingela!

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