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Jenny Damm

Lotus * 26th 0f May 1996 +17th of July 2011

Lotus R.I.P.
Lotus – my best friend…

This is not really a news, but my lovely Lotus died in in July. I haven’t write about it here before and he is worth something special… Everything went very fast and one morning he couldn’t drink. I went to my cousin (that is a vet)  and she said it was probably a tumor under his tung. It was nothing to do, he was walking in her garden and then we let him fell asleep in his bed… Everything was so calm and it felt like he was pleased with his life. He was the strongest personality I have ever met, I will always miss him. Lotus was so special and it’s hard without him. But I have to be lucky for all the 15 years we got together. Have to think about all the good memories.