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Jenny Damm

Mia Laamanen – course designer in Lotushallen

In the week Mia Laamanen came to visit us. She was on her way to a sheep clinic with Bobby Dalziel in the south of Sweden, so she passed by here on her way down. It was really nice to see her and the dogs! Mia is Ogins breeder and she has Spice, a sister to Ogin. It was a long time since we spend time together and we had a great day with a walk in the woods, dinner, work with my sheep and last but not least, agility training! Mia wanted to see Lotushallen and I wanted to try Spice a bit. Mia is well known for her good judging and brilliant courses and I love her courses so I asked if she wanted to built something for us… and she did. We had a lot of work to do when she left… :o) 
I also tried to run Spice and she is a very nice little dog! Still quite novice, but quick and turning like a little worm! :o) Thank you so much Mia for a nice day and for the course!
Mia is designing a tricky course for us… Spice is controlling… 

Sister Spice and brother Ogin. What a maleish toy Ogin found… ;o)

Hm… she knows what she is doing this woman… ;o)

Papa Elvis watching under the A-frame. His favorite place!

Mia’s course. It was a lot of parts to work with and we had fun! We measured the time in one part to find out what was the most efficient handling. From #18 to #23 we tried rear-cross on #20, #21, #22 and #23. Then we tried to be at the right side all the way, serpentine #20 and make a front- or blind-cross between #21 and #22. All of our dogs were faster with the second option, even Elvis that is very good at rear-crosses… interesting. Ogin’s time differed by as much as one second, quite a lot!