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See you later Gemma


Yesterday it was time for Gemmas funeral. It was a really, really hard and sad day but at the same time it was beautiful. All the people that Gemma loved and who loved her were there together, we spend time together, talked about and remembered Gemma as the totally amazing woman she was. Birgitta, the woman who helped Gemma when she came to Sweden was holding the funeral cermony and she was telling about Gemmas life since she was a kid. It's an amazing story, a fairytale but with a sad part in the middle. I'm sure it will be a happy ending… when we all meet again. Thanks to all who was a part of this day.

I tried to think about what my friend Anja Gierman wrote in her lovely book (Bland vallmo och väsen) that what is a sad good bye for us here on earth is a welcome party for the once on the other side. They are of course happy and celebrating to have Gemma there now..! It helps a little to think like that. And I didn't say good bye yesterday. I said "-See you later…"

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"I allt det vackra, i stjärnorna, blommorna och solen, ser vi ditt leende och dina glittrande ögon. Vi känner din kärlek och värme i våra hjärtan och vi ska sprida den vidare, precis som du gjorde. Tack för varje dag som du förgyllde vår jord. Du finns inom oss tills vi en dag ses igen, bortom horisonten…"

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It was a sunny day and it was the Philippine Independence Day yesterday. Actually it was not planned to be on the same day, a coincidence..?  


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Thanks Ewa Lukasik for the song, Gemmas friend Geraldine sang it on the funeral. Beautiful. 

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Some of Gemmas lovely family and friends.