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Video update, birthday and Ribe

The last two weekends has been great for Lilli! She has won several classes, qualified for both jumping 2, agility 2, jumping 3 AND she have also had her 2 years-birthday! She's just a great little dog and she is doing so well at the trials. Of course there are lots of situations to experience for us, how to handle, what I have time for etc. But it feels we already have a really nice teamwork and I'm enjoying every second of our runs! So far I'm satisfied with mine and Nettans foundation work for little Lilli 🙂

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Lilli was winning in Växjö and she qualified for jumping 2.

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June 8th she had her 2 years-birthday, won jumping 2 and qualified for jumping 3! 

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The day after her birthday she won agility 2 and made her debut in jumping 3. She got a 2nd-place and she beat her sister with three hundredths!

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Lilli in a wrap! Photo: Sofia Olsson

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Small dog – high jump… 😉 Photo: Emelie Magnusson

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Weaving Lilli! Photo: Emelie Magnusson

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The traditional seminar week in Ribe has been held and it was just a super-summer-seminar-week! It's a week with training and other fun stuff, four instructors and 32 participants. The trainers were me, Zeljko Gora (Croatia), Åsa Emanuelsson (Sweden) and Thomas Thiesen (Norway). Me and Zeljo had half of the group and Åsa and Thomas the other half. The sun was shining every day and the teaching was just so fun. I love this week and I think this was the 12th year of Ribe-seminar and I hope for and look already forward to Ribe 2014!

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The place for Ribe-seminar is really big and we have enough space for four courses, camping etc. 

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Pia and Repeat, working in the heat.

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We had a nice day off in the middle of the week, walks with our dogs, own training, visit in Ribe and BQ in the evening 🙂

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Swimming in the river. Ina and Gunga has a race 😉

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The pack is passing over the bridge. The bridge was not at all as stable as it looks like and Nadine, in the middle, was NOT at all as relaxed as it looks like… 😉

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Ice cream, lunch and flea-market in the old little town of Ribe. 

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When I came back home I planted some vegetables in my garden and I found a bone Lilli dug down a few weeks ago. I picked it up and thow it on the grass. Later on Ogin came back, looking like this and Lilli's bone was gone. But he was totally innocent and didn't know at all what I was talking about when I asked about the bone and why he looked like he did… 😉

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Ogin and Zaa enjoying the summer night