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Life is back and some old news

Life is back. Three of my dogs have been injured and only one is enough to get depressed about. But finally all three are back on track again and I really hope it will stay like this. I have been thinking for a long time that we are so lucky because all our dogs have been healthy and in good shape for such a long time. But suddenly we had three injured dogs at the same time. It started with Lilli and she has been off training for a month now but finally it seems like she’s ok again and we have started to train her a little. We have the Swedish Championship this weekend and we’ll see how good four weeks of rest will be for our teamwork. Maybe she will just explode at the startline… 😉 Well, right now I’m just happy about that all my dogs are back in shape again and I will enjoy this championship weekend with Ina, Ogin and Lilli 🙂 We have just arrived to the north of Sweden after a nights drive, it’s so nice in the summer because it never really gets dark and it helped to make the 13 hours long drive much easier.

Some late news. In the beginning of May the first weekend out of two, of qualifications for the Swedish Team, was held. I was pretty pleased with the results in the end but not totally… This year there are two weekends with six runs per weekend for WC and Nordic Championship. For EO it’s just the first weekend that counts and all my dogs qualified for Hungary 2014, which feels great of course! 

For WC, as I said there will be one more weekend with another six runs that will count. Lilli is on fith place there so far, which is ok but I would rather have had her in the lead to be more sure of a spot in the team 😉 We had some bad luck this weekend I have to say. I know she’s still young and sometimes we forget about that. But it feels overall great because I know she has a lot of potential. She had really good times, even in the really open, speedy courses where I thought she wouldn’t have a chance with her small steps compared to the big males. But even then she had the best times!  

Faaaar away students and good old friends came to visit. Tammy, one of my students fron Canada went to Europe for the USDAA championship and after that her plans changed and she decided to drive all the way to my place from Amsterdam for privates. It was such a pleasure to have them both here and we had some great days with walks, dinner and training. I hope they enjoyed it as much as I did.

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Tammy and Keeper from Canada

Before Tammy came my friend and Ogin’s breeder, Mia Laamanen, stayed over night at my place when she drove from Switzerland to Finland. More nice walks, dinners and time spend with all our lovely dogs.

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It was so nice to have Mia and her dogs for a visit! After dinner the oldies, Elvis and Aino, washed the dishes 😉


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Spice and Elvis, herding side by side. Father and daughter looks quite the same 🙂

Poland. Last week I was in Poland for a seminar and I really like to train my Polish students, they improve so much for everytime I’m there and that’s the best reward for a traininer! I also met lots of cool animals, Kara that I stayed with likes strange animals and she had a bunch of them… First of all I learned so many things about spiders that I didn’t know before and even though I’m really afraid of big spiders I could finally be really closed to the big hairy Scooby Doo, I’m so proud of my self! Then I also met the sweet little African hedgehog Maniek, he was not as scary as the spider. 

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The sweet ”little” spider Scooby Doo… First I didn’t even dare to look at the terrarium, in the end I was so brave that I could take this close up pic! Next time I might hold her in my hand…! I learned so many things I didn’t know about spiders, thanks Kara for all interesting information and for answering all my curious questions 😉


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The African Hedgehog Maniek. Is it possible to be cuter?!


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Maniek was a bit dirty, so he had to take a warm bubble bath. Did you know hedgehogs loves to swim?


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Magda and My training tight turns! Photo: Anna Skaja


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Quata – the little super terrier! Photo: Anna Skaja


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It’s always about the handbag… 😉 Kara and little Juddy listening carefully. Photo: Anna Skaja


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This pic was chosen by Ina. She doesn’t like many dogs but crazy Beast is one of the few and she really loves him! 😉 Photo: Anna Skaja

Ziv. My great litte girl! She grows and she just gets more and more special the more we get to know her. She is so much fun, social and at the same time relaxed in a nice way. I have been training lots of tricks and I’m playing alot with her every day. I want her to understand the learning process, I want our relationship to be strong and I want her to be keen on all kind of rewards and come back with the toys she gets rewarded by before I start the ”real” agilty training. A little bit more than a month ago I made a little video about how our beginning of the training process for Running Contacts looks like, welcome to watch it! 🙂   

Ziv’s first training video


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Ziv – 14 weeks
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Ziv – four months


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Ziv – four months


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The Swedish sunset. One night last weekend we visited my father in his camper and we got a fantastic night by the sea.