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Jenny Damm

Puppy training

We have started to train her, as I do with all my dogs from the first day. But the training is more about playing, get use to the world in a good way, learn our rules how to behave in everyday life, be keen on food, learn how to be creative, get a good body awareness, be relaxed in the crate and how to interact with other dogs. But this is a lot of things for a little pup, and for the owner too… I could spend hours just watching this little pup! 

For me it’s essential with a good and positive start for the puppy and I belive you can affect your dog as much as you want. I often use the word brainwashing, in a humoristic way as well as in a serious way. The things you find important for you, you can always brainwash your dog to understand if it doesn’t come naturally. Many positive repititions, with a nice and worth-while reward will sooner or later make the dog behave as you want. At the same time I correct the dog in the ordinary day to be clear with what I don’t like. I have easy, simple rules like don’t run away, come when I call, don’t be aggressive, be quiet when I want. 

I have my pup off leash most of the time, I feed my pup from my hands, Manners Minder or in the crate the first year to make all those things more important and also to make the food important. I let the pup interact with dogs, other animals and people. I make sure the dog get use to be home alone and relaxed in a crate. I train a lot of tricks and I use operant teaching to make the dog creative and get use to shaping. I also want my dogs to respond to stress cues in a positive way but at the same time be able to relaxe if I want so. All my dogs have a lot of freedom as long as they behave well.