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Long distance training

Du finner samma inlägg på svenska nedan :o)

I’ve finally got started with some of the long distance training that I have planned for a long time! The part that I have started with right now is the video analysis. This means that you can post both runs from your competitions or parts of your training for analysis. For example, you can post videos if you want help with the weave training or you want to improve the contacts, reward position, trick training, etc, etc. In other words, it could be just about anything that you want to improve! I watch the video and then commenting directly on the page. The feedback may include suggestions for other solutions in your handling, your timing of the moves, what needs to be trained when it comes to your dog’s technique etc. If you post parts of some specific training, it might be how to take the next step, if you are going to change anything, how to reward and so on.

From the beginning I thought this could be a nice service for my students who live far away or abroad, but then I realized that it can be a very good complement even for those who come here to my place to train. First, it might be good to get updated of my students training a little more regularly and frequent. It would also be great to see more runs of my students. Then I can get an insight into what happens in real competitions, if the dog or handler has any repetitive problems and so on.
Ok, we will see where this will land … But I think the whole thing is very exciting!
Read more under ”Distance training” in the menu. Welcome!

Lotushallens second competition
We have held another competition in Lotushallen and it was a really successful day. Me, my neighbors, Nettan and some other people had a good teamwork before and during the day. I love to organize competitions, even if it means a lot of work :o) I hope all participants were pleased and will come back again next year. Thank you all who helped with the show!

We had a big lottery!

Our sponsors should have a BIG THANK!

Concentrated people in the secretariat…

The grill, with meet from happy, local pigs, living in free on a field, was very popular :o)

For the prize giving ceremony :o)

A happy Martina after a super run!

Many breeds were represented

The judge, Nils Lindqvist, gets a present in the end

Prize winner in jumping large

Sophie Ericson, our very talented and professional dog physiotherapist, very there to take care of the dogs. Thanks!