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Jenny Damm

Team camp & The right way

Last weekend we had a team camp with some competition runs and some specific training. I just loved the courses, you needed to trust your dog and to run, lot of different challenges and all of them had a nice flow. Thank you Andreas Silfverberg for perfcet courses!! 🙂 Men and my dogs did pretty well and now we have to wait until July 9, then we'll be told who is on the team…exciting! Zaa and Elvis was looked after by my friend Marika and her family, they had a much better time playing with the kids than waiting in a car. Elvis is just so cute with his need to have something in his mouth… 😉 

Tomorrow Zeljko will come and on Sunday we will prepare for the big happening of the year, Summer Camps 2013!! We are so much looking forward to it. 

I love taking time and compare different situations when you have a choice in a course. I had some fun one day and made a video. It's from a previous competition, with various situations, dogs and handling. Enjoy! 

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