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Jenny Damm

Video – All clear rounds!

Last week we were in Varberg for a night trial. It was a tricky jumping course with a lot of turns and all our four dogs did really well. 4/4 clear rounds and Lilli won! It was her second class 3 start so I was pleased :). She is just awesome to run, that little dog! I was also impressed (as always) with my old Elvis, he did two clean runs with good times. I think more crazy than usual, trying to break his start line in both runs. He is funny 😉

Here's the video:

[[{”fid”:”2800″,”view_mode”:”default”,”type”:”media”,”attributes”:{”height”:315,”width”:560,”alt”:”Jenny Damm Agility – German version – Varberg, June 2013″,”class”:”media-element file-default”}}]]