Save the date – Summer camps 2022

Save the dates for Lotus Educations Summer camps 2022! Your instructors will be myself and Zeljko Gora. Zeljko just won the big final at B.A.C.K. a few weeks ago and he also won several runs with his youngster Smokey Are you interested to learn more about how Zeljko train his youngsters? If so, you are […]

JENNY bows

I made a video about my JENNY bows 😁 I love them! They are easy to attach and remove and they are extremely durable. You never have to worry about that they will break. And the best of all, your slalom training is a JOY when using JENNY bows đŸ„łâ€ïž For both dog and handler […]

Nya priser i februari

DĂ„ vĂ„ra leverantörer har höjt priserna ett flertal gĂ„nger förra Ă„ret och Ă„ter detta Ă„ret, behöver vi nu tyvĂ€rr höja priserna pĂ„ bland annat tunnlar bags och nummerskyltar. De nya priserna kommer att börja gĂ€lla i februari och de kommer att öka med ca 10%. BestĂ€llningar fram till och med 31 januari kommer att hĂ„lla […]

BÀst tillsammans pÄ agility i vÀrldsklass

Dig-in-to-dogs – Ă€r en nystartad Youtube-kanal som drivs av HelĂ©ne Lindström och Lotta Bergman. Det handlar om alla möjliga hundsporter och deras mĂ„l Ă€r att sprida kunskap mellan olika grenar, hundsporter och hundtrĂ€nare via fördjupande och intressanta avsnitt med intervjuer, trĂ€ningstips mm. Och nĂ€r HelĂ©ne och Lotta gör nĂ„got tillsammans blir det ocksĂ„ minst sagt […]

Merry X-mas

It’s time for us to wish all our friends and everyone else around the world, a very Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year 2022    We hope your Holidays will be filled with joy, health, friends, dogs and everything else that is important for a great Christmas spirit. Let’s do something nice to people, dogs […]

Zonia & Mailiz to class 3

This weekend HĂ€ssleholms HU organised a class 2 trial at Torvalla arena. Both Mailiz and Zonia did really well and was 1st & 2nd in several runs. Jocke Tangfelt was judging and his courses were challenging, fast and fun, as usual. On Saturday we ran three agility runs and both Mailiz and Zonia managed to […]

FörelÀsning hos Crazy Dog

I torsdags hade jag en förelĂ€sning hos Kalle Karlssons Hund- & Kattbutik Crazy Dog i Helsingborg. Jag berĂ€ttade först om vad som har format mig som person. Hur sniglar, höns, daggmaskar och en rottweiler ledde mig in pĂ„ bruks och lydnad, och till slut border collie och agility. Efter en paus med lite fika och […]

Training video – Iwona courses at Torvalla Arena

I woke up before the rooster and drove early to Torvalla and Nettan to have time to train all the dogs before the competition in Nutrolin. Iwona had been visiting and building courses, not to be missed!Super fun courses, as usual. And lots of challenges to test and train. The dogs were stars, as always. […]

Torvalla Arenas invigning!

I helgen var det invigning av Torvalla Arena i Nettans barndomsby VĂ€stra Torup. Nettan, vĂ€nner, familj och VĂ€stra Torups byalag har jobbat stenhĂ„rt i flera Ă„r för att fĂ„ denna dröm att gĂ„ i uppfyllelse! LĂ€s mer hĂ€r och hĂ€r om allt som hĂ€nde denna festliga helg! Min systerdotter Lisa vann dessutom Torvalla-mĂ€sterskapen bĂ„de i […]

Nordic team Champions 2021

We ended up both clean and fast! Azta and I achieved the title Nordic team Champions together with our awesome team mates Caroline Stenhede, Gustaf Elgh and Ramona JĂ€rnving. And the way we did it! Four brilliant clean runs in the final, the coolest and best possible scenario Thank you guys for this weekend, a […]

Invigning Torvalla arena

Torvalla Arena ska invigas pĂ„ riktigt! Och nĂ€r VĂ€stra Torups Byalag och Jeanette Johansson gör nĂ„got, Ă€r det alltid tipptopp och allt görs till 110%. SĂ„ detta kommer att bli en dag du sent kommer att glömma Vad sĂ€gs till exempel om att Talangvinnarna Lizette & Lotus ska ha uppvisning? Varmt vĂ€lkomna till sveriges finaste […]

Kurs för Iwona Golab!

VÀlkommen pÄ kurs i februari för Iwona Golab AnmÀlan hÀr!

JENNY bows Àr hÀr!

Nu har vi Ă€ntligen testat, uppdaterat och startat produktionen av JENNY bows 2.0 Vi har jobbat och testat för att fĂ„ fram en hĂ„llbar produkt, som Ă€r sĂ€ker för hunden och lĂ€tt att anvĂ€nda. Att anvĂ€nda sig av bĂ„gar i slalomtrĂ€ningen gör trĂ€ningen rolig och enkel. Frustrationen minskar och sjĂ€lvstĂ€ndigheten ökar. LĂ„t bĂ„garna hjĂ€lpa hunden […]

Summer camp registration is open!

Ok folks! Registration for Lotus Educations Summer camps together with Zeljko Gora is now open ? ??‍♀?☀ Welcome with your registration! Remember to write in the message if you are flexible with the dates. Registration for auditing spots will open later.

Swedish tryouts 2017

  [scald=291:sdl_editor_representation {”link”:””,”linkTarget”:””}] Miss Lilli in action! Photo: Frida K-Jansson You can watch the video through my blog, even from your phone, ipad etc. The last weekend we had our Swedish tryouts for European Open, Nordic Championship, FCI world championship and Crufts. It’s a long weekend with eight runs. It’s always exciting and a little […]

New videos of Lilli and Ziv

Finally, here are the videos from Crufts and from our latest trial in Sweden! You can also watch the videos on smartphones, ipads etc. from my blog.  Crufts was amazing as always. It’s such a show with an awesome atmosphere and organisation. Lilli was doing great, three good runs with those short legs on courses with super […]

Summer Camps 2017 – Registration open!

[scald=270:sdl_editor_representation] For the 8th year in a row, I have the pleasure to welcome you guys to Zeljko’s and my Summer Camps in Sweden! We are really looking forward to this highlight of the year and we hope it will be two fun, educational, nice, relaxing and exciting camps. The goal is that there will be four […]

Miss Lilli – The Swedish Agility Dog of 2016

Photo: Joakim Persson From my blog, you can watch the video on iphone, ipad etc!  For the third time Lilli got the title ”The Swedish Agility dog of the Year”, this after 3,5 years of competing! Lilli is such a clever, silly, fun and talented dog – a very special girl!  She also won the Swedish […]