Summer Camp 2024

Now the registration for Lotus Education’s summer camps, together with Zeljko Gora is open! It will be our 13th year (I think… ). As usual we have the best service crew to spoil you, goodie bags, a professional photographer, fun training, nice walks, a lake nearby and a joyful atmosphere Welcome Anmälan

Christmas Sale 2023!

Vi erbjuder 10% på beställningar som kommer in 21-23 December. Rabatten gäller tunnlar, JENNY bags, JENNY bows och nummerskyltar. Du har väl inte missat våra nya mindre nummerskyltar? Titta i shopen! De är väldigt smidiga och det får plats fler nummerskyltar vid varje vinge. Beställ via formuläret i shopen ? God Jul! ???❤️

Nya onlinekurser

Jördiz Det finns två dagböcker där vi kan följa Jördiz resa till agilityhund. Valpdagbok online – Follow Jördiz, part 1 Träningsdagbok online – FolIow Jördiz and friends part 2 Temahelger Det finns två temahelger med livesänding via Facebook. Helg 1 – slalom, starter och svängar Helg 2 – RC och unghunds

Christmas Sale!

From 12 December to 25 December we have 10% off in our shop for antislip tunnels, JENNY bags, JENNY bows and numbers! So, if you are planning to upgrade or get new equipment, make your order today!

Zonia – New Champion!

Last weekend I competed in Lund, with all five girls. 19 runs later, we could go home with one new champion and lots of other great results ❤️??‍♀️? Jesus Fernandez Lopez from Spain, designed and judged the agility runs. I loved the courses, speedy and with lots of challenges ? Read more here: Videos: […]

First outdoor competition

This Sunday was the first outdoor competition for us, so much fun! The youngsters got one certificates and all girls did really nice runs. Read more on my Facebook post ?

Swedish qualifications – too exciting, too amazing!

This weekend we had the Swedish qualifications. We were in perfect shape and then we were not in perfect shape anymore. About two weeks before the qualifications, lots of different problems occurred…. I had to deal with all but preparations for the big and important event. But the weekend came and Mailiz, Azta and I […]

Training Tamas Traj-course with Zonia, Azta & Ziv

We are trying to stick to the plans as much as possible and prepare for next weekend’s qualifications. I went down to Torvalla arena to train a Tamás Tráj course together with Nettan. Besides the fact that I couldn’t run full speed and Mailiz couldn’t run at all because of her injured pad, we had […]

Winner and 3rd at Gåsahoppet 2022

Azta ? won eight out of eleven runs during the easter weekend and the big competition Gåsahoppet. She also won the final and surprisingly Zonia got the third place! ?? Lisa and My came second in their final ??❤️ So, overall wee had a fantastic weekend. And all courses were fun and challenging and some […]

Training Jocke-course with Azta & Mailiz

Azta is here for a visit and we have a fun Jocke-course in Lotushallen right now. So, the last week I have been training som different stuff with the girls. Zonia has also come now, but no video with her yet. I have been testing different ways in the opening and I have trained all […]

RC training

Lisa & My were here in Lotushallen yesterday for training. We realised that My needed to work on her soft turn exits on the DW. She has not been doing turns for a long time, so we started up that work again. We refreshed the target mat and brought out the Treat & Train ? […]

And the winner is…

Ziv was helping me with my Ukrainian fund-raising lottery And the winner is… Please, keep supporting Ukraine ?

Registration for Summer Camps 2022

Finally! Here is the registration form for Summer camps with Zeljko & me in July. We will arrange two handling seminars 19-20 and 22-23 July, and one Foundation work shop 24 July. You can register for and attend more than one camp. But if you want to attend only ONE camp and you are flexible […]

Save the date – Summer camps 2022

Save the dates for Lotus Educations Summer camps 2022! Your instructors will be myself and Zeljko Gora. Zeljko just won the big final at B.A.C.K. a few weeks ago and he also won several runs with his youngster Smokey Are you interested to learn more about how Zeljko train his youngsters? If so, you are […]

JENNY bows

I made a video about my JENNY bows ? I love them! They are easy to attach and remove and they are extremely durable. You never have to worry about that they will break. And the best of all, your slalom training is a JOY when using JENNY bows ?❤️ For both dog and handler […]

Nya priser i februari

Då våra leverantörer har höjt priserna ett flertal gånger förra året och åter detta året, behöver vi nu tyvärr höja priserna på bland annat tunnlar bags och nummerskyltar. De nya priserna kommer att börja gälla i februari och de kommer att öka med ca 10%. Beställningar fram till och med 31 januari kommer att hålla […]

Bäst tillsammans på agility i världsklass

Dig-in-to-dogs – är en nystartad Youtube-kanal som drivs av Heléne Lindström och Lotta Bergman. Det handlar om alla möjliga hundsporter och deras mål är att sprida kunskap mellan olika grenar, hundsporter och hundtränare via fördjupande och intressanta avsnitt med intervjuer, träningstips mm. Och när Heléne och Lotta gör något tillsammans blir det också minst sagt […]

Merry X-mas

It’s time for us to wish all our friends and everyone else around the world, a very Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year 2022    We hope your Holidays will be filled with joy, health, friends, dogs and everything else that is important for a great Christmas spirit. Let’s do something nice to people, dogs […]

Zonia & Mailiz to class 3

This weekend Hässleholms HU organised a class 2 trial at Torvalla arena. Both Mailiz and Zonia did really well and was 1st & 2nd in several runs. Jocke Tangfelt was judging and his courses were challenging, fast and fun, as usual. On Saturday we ran three agility runs and both Mailiz and Zonia managed to […]