Nordic team Champions 2021

We ended up both clean and fast! Azta and I achieved the title Nordic team Champions together with our awesome team mates Caroline Stenhede, Gustaf Elgh and Ramona Järnving. And the way we did it! Four brilliant clean runs in the final, the coolest and best possible scenario Thank you guys for this weekend, a […]

Invigning Torvalla arena

Torvalla Arena ska invigas på riktigt! Och när Västra Torups Byalag och Jeanette Johansson gör något, är det alltid tipptopp och allt görs till 110%. Så detta kommer att bli en dag du sent kommer att glömma Vad sägs till exempel om att Talangvinnarna Lizette & Lotus ska ha uppvisning? Varmt välkomna till sveriges finaste […]

Kurs för Iwona Golab!

Välkommen på kurs i februari för Iwona Golab Anmälan här!

JENNY bows är här!

Nu har vi äntligen testat, uppdaterat och startat produktionen av JENNY bows 2.0 Vi har jobbat och testat för att få fram en hållbar produkt, som är säker för hunden och lätt att använda. Att använda sig av bågar i slalomträningen gör träningen rolig och enkel. Frustrationen minskar och självständigheten ökar. Låt bågarna hjälpa hunden […]

Summer camp registration is open!

Ok folks! Registration for Lotus Educations Summer camps together with Zeljko Gora is now open ? ??‍♀️?☀️ Welcome with your registration! Remember to write in the message if you are flexible with the dates. Registration for auditing spots will open later.

Swedish tryouts 2017

  [scald=291:sdl_editor_representation {”link”:””,”linkTarget”:””}] Miss Lilli in action! Photo: Frida K-Jansson You can watch the video through my blog, even from your phone, ipad etc. The last weekend we had our Swedish tryouts for European Open, Nordic Championship, FCI world championship and Crufts. It’s a long weekend with eight runs. It’s always exciting and a little […]

New videos of Lilli and Ziv

Finally, here are the videos from Crufts and from our latest trial in Sweden! You can also watch the videos on smartphones, ipads etc. from my blog.  Crufts was amazing as always. It’s such a show with an awesome atmosphere and organisation. Lilli was doing great, three good runs with those short legs on courses with super […]

Summer Camps 2017 – Registration open!

[scald=270:sdl_editor_representation] For the 8th year in a row, I have the pleasure to welcome you guys to Zeljko’s and my Summer Camps in Sweden! We are really looking forward to this highlight of the year and we hope it will be two fun, educational, nice, relaxing and exciting camps. The goal is that there will be four […]

Miss Lilli – The Swedish Agility Dog of 2016

Photo: Joakim Persson From my blog, you can watch the video on iphone, ipad etc!  For the third time Lilli got the title ”The Swedish Agility dog of the Year”, this after 3,5 years of competing! Lilli is such a clever, silly, fun and talented dog – a very special girl!  She also won the Swedish […]

Qualifications 2016!

The qualifications for the Swedish national team is over. It was one long weekend with eight runs per dog. Last year I was much more tired in the end of the weekend. Ok, I was running ”only” two dogs this year. But I think that was not the reason why I felt more energetic and […]

träning för Nettan!

Träning för Nettan! Nu kan du boka träning även för Nettan! Hon håller kurser i Lotus Educations regi både i Lotushallen och olika träningscenter i Skåne. Till våren planerar vi även att öppna en filial till Lotus Education utanför Tyringe! Om du är intresserad av träning för Nettan, skicka ett mail till eller via kontaktformuläret, […]

R.I.P – Ina

[scald=263:sdl_editor_representation] I don’t even know how to start this blog. It’s so unreal, feels like a nightmare we can’t wake up from. Last night our princess Ina suddenly left us. Nettan called me in the middle of the night and told me the chocking thruth that Ina died in her and Niklas’ arms. We don’t […]

PM Lotuscupen 2015

[scald=254:sdl_editor_representation] PM för Lotuscupen lördagen den 28 november 2015 Vi hälsar er alla hjärtligt välkomna till Lotushallens inofficiella agilitytävling. Anmäl dig när du kommer! Anmälan kl. 7.45 – 9.00. Ni som kommer efter 9.00 kan anmäla er i cafeterian. Domare: Nils Lindqvist
Banvandringen börjar kl. 08.40 och sker separat inför varje klass och storleksgrupp. Juniorena går […]

Norwegain Open 2015 & the great capricorn beetle

Last weekend we went to Kongsvinger in Norway for the really well organized, fun and exciting yearly event, Norwegian Open. This was our second year and we are already looking forward to next year! On our way to Norway we passed Nordens ark, a private non profit foundation that works to ensure endagered animals have a future. […]

Lotuscupen 2015!

    [scald=218:sdl_editor_representation] Inbjudan till inofficiell agilitytävling – Lotuscupen Lotus Education i samarbete med Boslätts Lantbruk & Hässleholm HU hälsar alla ännu en gång välkomna till vår populära inoff agilitytävling i Lotushallen lördagen den 28 nov 2015! Vi kommer att ha två agilityklasser och en hoppklass, alla storlekar. Och även i år blir det juniorklasser […]

Update with new video!

Finally a blog post again. This spring has just been crazy with travels, sick dogs and troubles in my private life. So, neither energy or time for writing. One big issue has been Elvis. He has been sick several times and it has been several serious things and I thought he would die a couple of […]

SUMMER CAMPS 2015 – Registration open!

  [scald=246:sdl_editor_representation] SUMMER CAMPS 2015 – Registration forms are open! You will find it under Education/Utbildning Welcome to the 6th edition of Zeljko Gora’s and my Summer Camps, in cooperation with Lotushallen and Anita Johanson.  We are looking forward to another week together with crazy agility people, dogs and of course; lot of agility training!  […]

Crufts 2015

  [scald=241:sdl_editor_representation {”link”:””}] Lilli giving everything at Crufts! Photo: Ian Watts Lilli and I qualified to the international agility competition at Crufts by winning the Swedish tryouts last year. I know by experience that it is a tricky, complicated, time consuming and expensive trip, but I also know it’s A LOT of fun and really exciting […]

The Agility Dog of 2014

  This is a little bit late news, but I have forgot to post this video on my blog… After Lilli’s second year of trials, Lilli achieved for the second time, the Swedish agility dog of the year! I made a video about her fantastic year. Lots of nice memories, what a dog we have!    […]