Summer Camp 2024

Now the registration for Lotus Education’s summer camps, together with Zeljko Gora is open! It will be our 13th year (I think… ). As usual we have the best service crew to spoil you, goodie bags, a professional photographer, fun training, nice walks, a lake nearby and a joyful atmosphere Welcome Anmälan

Running Contacts Fun – What to say when?

  [scald=220:sdl_editor_representation {”link”:””}] Photo: Emelie Magnusson Our North American tour for this year is getting close to it’s end and we have, as usual, had a great trip. Really, it has been fantastic! But I will not write about that now, that will be the next blog or something. I have been playing around with […]

Lotuscupen 2014

   [scald=218:sdl_editor_representation] Inbjudan till inofficiell agilitytävling – Lotuscupen Lotus Education i samarbete med Boslätts Lantbruk & Hässleholm HU hälsar alla ännu en gång välkomna till vår populära inoff agilitytävling i Lotushallen LÖRDAGEN den 29 november 2014! Vi kommer att ha två agilityklasser och en hoppklass, alla storlekar. Och även i år blir det juniorklasser med lite […]

Agility World Championship 2014

   [scald=217:sdl_editor_representation {”link”:””}] Away To Me Miss Lilli with all her medals and flowers, on our quick stop back home in Sweden, before we went on our Canada and US tour! This summer has been absolutely fantastic, for me and for Swedish agility in general. I can’t stop thinking about how this spring started – […]

Face your weaknesses & make a choice

  [scald=191:sdl_editor_representation] About two weeks ago, the day before the Nordic Championship in Denmark, the Danish kennel club arranged a competition day open for everyone. The Nordic Championship it self went really well and Lilli got team gold and individual silver. But the day before, Lilli got eliminated in the agility run because she made the wrong choice in one […]

SWEDEN rocks at EO in Hungary!!

Further down you will find a video of Lilli’s EO-runs!  [scald=178:sdl_editor_representation {”link”:””}] The Swedish Team! It has been a busy week with lots of positive energy and smiles! Sweden are back from Hungary with THREE gold medals, or actually six, if we count all four in the team ;). This is fantastic! And it’s for sure Swedens […]

Gold Agility winner

Soon summer camps will start and Zeljko has come with his dogs. We have been at my place for three days and we have enjoyed the summer so far, swimming among the water Lillies every day :). Now we are on our way to Dania cup and to compete the last days there. We were supposed […]

Lilli will run WC 2014 in Luxembourg!

The second weekend of qualifications started in a really bad way. We got disqualified in the two first runs. We did good runs but it doesent help when you get an elimination, no points for that of course. It looked dark and we fell down in the list for each run. Luxembourg felt really far, far away. […]

Life is back and some old news

Life is back. Three of my dogs have been injured and only one is enough to get depressed about. But finally all three are back on track again and I really hope it will stay like this. I have been thinking for a long time that we are so lucky because all our dogs have […]

Puppy training

We have started to train her, as I do with all my dogs from the first day. But the training is more about playing, get use to the world in a good way, learn our rules how to behave in everyday life, be keen on food, learn how to be creative, get a good body […]

Ziv’s first video and Lilli the sheepdog

She’s just perfect! My brown little bitch… 😉 Ziv has been in my life for a months now and since the day I met her she has kept proofing that I made the right decision when I let her move in to my house and be a part of our pack. She is just so […]

JENNY saddle bag

I have not been really pleased with any bags that I have used, ever. Some of them have been pretty good, but there has always been more or less details that I didn’t like. So, finally I got the chance to design a bag with all of my favourite properties! And here it is, The […]

Course analysis (and a little bit of Ziv)

Last weekend I ran a course with a quite interesting start sequense. Many handlers failed with number 3. It was so many options and choices so I decided to build the start at home and analyze the handling and which way was the faster. I could see now when I look at the vdeo it’s not exactly […]

Zweet Ziv & lambz!

I don’t really understand how deep you can fall in love in a little dog in just a few days! Ok, once in a while she’s really cheap also… Like yesterday night. For example when she wanted to eat her poop, when I had to run over the whole yard to catch her, when she didn’t want to pee when it was […]

It doesn’t always work out as planned…

I have been thinking of a new puppy for a while but not now, maybe in a year or two… But suddenly, a litter I was interested in came up. Then it didn’t really work out as I wanted with that one. But because of the first litter I found another that I got interested in. Both parents are […]

More Florida & new video

Now we are home in Sweden again. I LOVE to be home with my dogs again but I also miss Florida :). The flight was bumpy and not nice at all I have to admit. It was a lot of turbulence the whole way and I felt sick from take off to landing and besides that I […]

Florida rocks!

We have soon been here in Florida for two weeks now and we have such a great time! The first seminar started the day after we arrived and we have had seminars every day but two, those two days we spend paddling kayak. I think kayak paddling is my new favourite activity, especially among thousands […]

Our Running Contacts

  [scald=61:sdl_editor_representation {”link”:””}] Miss Lilli – RC addicted 🙂 Photo: Martin Preissner Our Running Contacts – a summary in text and video I don’t have my own method, I was not the first who trained running contacts and I have not much experience of training running contacts. But I have got many questions how we […]

Dog Coaches and Italy

First a reminder: Now the course registration for the Summer Camps is open!  Me and Lilli have just arrived in Sweden from a little tour in Europe! We started in Germany and continued to Italy and we had an absolutely great time!  The first stop were in Oldenburg and a company called Dog Coaches. They have […]

Merry Christmas!

  [scald=42:sdl_editor_representation {”link”:””}] Ester, Zaa, Ogin, Elvis & me out on a rainy Christmas walk! We have a rainy and green Christmas this year. We didn’t have either snow or time to make a Christmas movie this year, but we wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays with this greeting card! I also post […]